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The European Commission’s possible recognition of Biomedical Engineering brings hopes

by Martina Contin last modified Nov 16, 2011 11:45 AM

Well informed sources suggest that Biomedical Engineering will be amongst the focus disciplines of the European Commission’s “Working Paper for Health Research in 2013”.

There are signs that Biomedical Engineering will be listed among the disciplines that should be granted further attention in the 7th Framework Programme.

This would be an encouraging first step towards a better recognition of BME. Biomedical Engineering had actually disappeared from the priorities of the EU since the 5th Framework Programme (1998-2002). The term itself almost disappeared from policy documents and, in some instances, our discipline is even confused with others such as genetic engineering. According to the same sources, BME would now be consecrated at the same level as physics, chemistry or devices and information technologies.  

We believe this is at least partly due to EAMBES members' efforts towards European and national policy makers and should encourage the development of further activities directed at  the consolidation of biomedical engineering in upcoming policy dossiers, both at national and at European levels.




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