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by admin last modified Apr 08, 2014 11:56 AM

EAMBES state of the Alliance 2013/14

by Martina Contin — Jun 20, 2014 03:09 PM

The current EAMBES President, Birgit Glasmacher, reports the activities the Alliance has been taking care of during the last year and a half.

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Commissioner for the Digital Agenda highlights central role of mobile devices in the connected world development agenda

by Martina Contin — Jun 20, 2014 02:56 PM

On 21 May 2014 during the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City, the Commissioner for the Digital Agenda delivered a noteworthy speech on the subject matter of “Creating a Connected World” during which she spoke about the need for putting ICT at the centre of the Development Agenda.

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White House publishes position on use of Big Data

by Martina Contin — Jun 20, 2014 02:53 PM

The Executive Office of the US President on 01 May 2014, published a position entitled “Big Data: seizing opportunities, preserving values”.

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Importance of m-Health emphasised during the 8th Celebration of the European Patients’ Rights Day 2014

by Martina Contin — Jun 20, 2014 02:52 PM

The 8th celebration of The European Patients’ Rights Day 2014 was held from May 12-14th 2014 in Brussels. The event was entitled “The role of citizens’ organisations in the empowerment of patients with chronic diseases” and was organised by Active Citizenship Network (ACN) with the support of the Public Health Programme European Economic and Social Committee.

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EAMBES Council elections are on the go!

by Martina Contin — Jun 20, 2014 02:50 PM

EAMBES is organizing an election round to appoint the new President elect and few vacant seats in the Council. Detailed information will be circulate shortly to all the EAMBES membership, in the meantime we encourage you all to nominate a candidate within your organisation.

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ESR has joined EAMBES

by Martina Contin — Jun 20, 2014 02:49 PM

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) is a non-profit organisation, exclusively and directly dedicated to promoting and coordinating the scientific, philanthropic, intellectual and professional activities of Radiology in all European countries.

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The ITECH project is now up and running

by Martina Contin — Jun 20, 2014 02:46 PM

EAMBES formally gave its support to a new EC funded project called ITECH, which kicked off at a project meeting on the 28th September 2013 in Seville (Spain), in connection to the Medicon Conference.

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EAMBES responds to consultation on mHealth

by Martina Contin — Jun 20, 2014 02:43 PM

On the 10 April 2014, the European Commission launched a public consultation on their Green Paper on mobile health or “mHealth” to which EAMBES will give its contribute.

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Promoting BME in Europe

by Martina Contin — Jun 20, 2014 02:37 PM

EAMBES and ROHDE public policy has agreed on continuing the collaboration on promotion of BME in EU policy with aim at ensuring that the specific needs of the biomedical engineering community are better understood and addressed in relevant EU policies.

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EAMBES membership renewal

by Martina Contin — Jun 20, 2014 02:27 PM

The European Alliance of Medical and Biological Engineering and Science would like to invite all members to renew their membership for 2014. Invoices have already been sent out with detailed instructions on how to make the payments.

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by Martina Contin — Apr 22, 2014 09:57 AM

The 6th European Conference of the IFMBE announces a deadline extension for the paper submission: 5th May 2014.

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EAMBES General Council in Brussels

by Andrel Linnenbank — Mar 28, 2014 01:51 PM

March 11th was the GC meeting. The main goal for the coming year is to improve our communication. Both by more regular e-mails and news letters and here on this website.

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Horizon 2020 – the EU's new research and innovation programme

by Martina Contin — Dec 19, 2013 04:38 PM

On 11 December 2013, the European Commission has for the first time presented calls for projects under Horizon 2020. Worth more than €15 billion over the first two years, the funding is intended to help boost Europe's knowledge-driven economy, and tackle issues that will make a difference in people's lives.

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European Commission’s Health Policy Forum meeting – Conference on eHealth

by Martina Contin — Nov 18, 2013 04:47 PM

With the aim of ensuring the transparency and comprehensiveness of the European Union’s health strategy, the European Commission organises an annual EU Health Policy Forum.

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World Health Organisation Europe: innovative health systems in the framework of the Health 2020 plan

by Martina Contin — Nov 18, 2013 04:45 PM

On 17 and 18 October 2013, health ministers and high-level officials from the World Health Organisation European Region (WHO Europe), met in Tallinn, Estonia, to follow up the developments for the Tallin Charter and to foresee new actions in light of the Health 2020 plan.

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Results of the consultation on Open Research Data

by Martina Contin — Nov 18, 2013 04:43 PM

On 17 October 2013, the Commission published the results of the consultation on “Open Research Data”.

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Neelie Kroes speech on innovative technology for the elderly

by Martina Contin — Nov 18, 2013 04:42 PM

Ms. Neelie Kroes, the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, gave on 24 September a speech focusing on the benefits that new technologies can bring for the care of the elderly.

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CBH Directive enters into force

by Martina Contin — Nov 18, 2013 04:39 PM

On 25 October 2013, the Cross Border Healthcare Directive (CBHD) entered into force in the 28 Member States, which introduces a general framework that clarifies patients’ rights with regard to accessing healthcare within the EU.

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Medical Devices Regulation voted in the plenary of the European Parliament

by Martina Contin — Nov 18, 2013 04:38 PM

On 22 October 2013, the European Parliament, in its plenary session, approved the proposed Medical Devices Regulation, supporting stricter legislation for the approval and marketing of medical devices.

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European Parliament debate and vote on the In Vitro Diagnostic medical devices Regulation

by Martina Contin — Nov 18, 2013 04:37 PM

On 22 October 2013, the European Parliament voted in plenary on the proposed In Vitro Diagnostic medical devices Regulation which aims at harmonising the rules by which IVDs are placed on the market in the EU.

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